New challenges ahead!


Welcome to my first blog post! I'm really exicted about this blog and I'm looking forward to start blogging for real:-) 

I will most blog about my life, what I do, my family and my sports. 

Let's begin with my work. I'm the founder of Bookanaut and Bookanaut is a platform for sport and health. is a website with information about insurance products like car insurance (billig kaskoforsikring til bil), home insurance (billig forsikring til indbo for unge) and travel insurance (billig forsikring til rejser til USA).

Next up is my family, I'm living together with my girl friend and we are expecting our first child, a girl, this August. We are both very exicted:-)

Lastly, my sport, I love to run and swim and then I have used a lot of time and enery on freediving which is one of my great passions.

Please read more about me on:, Cargo Collective, Jimdo, Strinkly and live journal

All the best and see you soon!